Extreme 3D pro support?

We’re having a problem with out USB chicklet. We got a chance to test it out today with both the Logitech Dual Action Gamepad and the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick.

The Gamepad worked beautifully. It was recognized when we plugged it in, and controled the robot as expected.

However, when we plug in the Extreme 3D pro joystick, it flashes the “red-yellow-red-yellow” error code that means we have plugged in an “unsupported device”. However, we checked very carefully, and our joystick should be supported.

Any suggestions?


You are correct. It means the device is not supported. Is the P/N(found on the bottom of the controller) 863225-1000? There is the possibility, although very unlikely, that Logitech changed the PID of that device. If that is the case send us the joystick and Chicklet and we will fix it for you.

Well, it looks like Logitech changed the PID, or we have an older model. The P/N is 863225-0000. Do you really need the joystick its self to reconfigure the chicklet? It belongs to one of the students on the team, and he would rather we did not risk harming it unless we had to.


  - Toby


I’m maving the same problem with the Saitek ST290 Pro.
…flashing orange, device not supported.

no movement, fresh battery, correct jumper, etc.

what should I do?

Tom Weissert

How old is the Joystick? The drivers for the Chicklet were created for the latest version. If you purchased your jostick off of E-bay or it is older, then it is probably not supported. Also were and when did you purchase the Joystick? The version we did testing with was purchased from Wal-Mart. Unfortunately we can’t control if and when manufacturers change IDs. Usually they do not change unless there is a hardware revision. The PID that is supported is: PID_0460\7&9F772D&0&0000

Plug your joystick into windows and go into the device manager (right click my computer, properties, hardware, device manager and select Human Interface Devices and select HID-compliant gamecontrollers then select details. If you do not see the same PID then it is not supported. If this is a new Joystick you should not have this problem. If you do E-mail me at mcopioli@crosstheroadelectronics.com. Include your phone number and I will call you ASAP to help rectify this issue.

This is what you should see.


Toby I sent you a private message in response to this. I don’t think you have checked yet. Anyway I have an update for you. You are using an older revision of the Joystick. The newer ones will have 863225-1000 as a P/N. These revision should connect without any issue. Please advise us If you are still having issues.