Extreme Driver Station Delay

Our team has been having bad driver station delay. When we only run a single motor over PWM there is almost no delay. However, when we run a motor on a talon srx over CAN the whole station freezes for a slit second and it is causing our motor to stop for a split second.

Please help we have been turning off firewalls and rewriting code for hours trying to fix it.

Can you post your driver station logs here showing when the DS freezes? That will help us diagnose your problem.

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I fixed it somehow and the day of bag and tag it started again.

I don’t know if this is what you meant but here it is.

Your CAN bus utilization is perfectly fine. Your latency and packet loss on the other hand are very high, which makes me think it’s a problem on the computer side. If you turned off any firewall or anti-malware software on your computer to fix the problem, make sure they’re still turned off. Sometimes they turn themselves back on after a certain period of time as a safety feature.

We’ve also had some success using this software (http://www.martin-majowski.de/) to disable background scanning on some laptops with drivers that don’t manage background scanning for wireless access points very well.

A couple other things to test

  • try to run on a wired connection and see if it still happens (may rule out some computer configuration issues)
  • make sure your computers CPU utilization isn’t maxed out (your computer may not be up to spec or may be running too many other applications in the background, particularly if its a netbook)
  • make sure your radio is mounted in a suitable location (preferably up above your frame somewhere safe)
  • check to see if your radio is operating in 5ghz or 2.4ghz mode (with the radio configuration tool), it’s very possible you’re in a noisy 2.4 environment and would be better suited on 5ghz

Additionally, what are the red event markers in your log while you’re in teleop? (hover over the little red circles in the upper right and see what it says in the box in the bottom left, or go to the Event List tab and find them in there.

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