Extruded Aluminum Fastners!

Hey all our team really needs series 20 extruded aluminum fastners ASAP. Do you know nay suppliers who can ship same day? Thank you, I appreciate your help.

Check McMaster. They ship pretty fast. Just pretty fast–same day or next day if it’s late enough.

Since your in NJ, you might want to contact Team 11. They use 80/20 a lot. They might be able to help or give you some. If you want to contact someone on the team, email or im me.


I love how you market our team.

In any case, I’ve been in contact with Neel since like last summer…we know of each others teams very well. Neel just check McMaster. As Eric said they are very good with shipping.

hmm, Im at a loss of where to start looking on mcmaster…there seems to be 10000 different fastners on mcmaster…

I think its on page 17 of this : http://download.8020inc.net/PDF/T-Slot_Parts_Section_2.pdf

btw, we’re using 20-4040 extrude

You mean the one that looks like a used staple correct? Yea we have some but shipping from us would probably be the same…unless you wanna drive down?

yea they look like bent staples, does anyone know what those clips are called??

They are called “end fasteners”
Part numbers are 3381 for ones with the 1/4-20 screw included.
3378 with no screw.

Those are 80/20 part numbers not Mcmaster

I suggest calling your local 80/20 distributor and support your local economy… Forget McMaster. I work with the local distributor in Minneapolis.

www.8020.net will help you find a distributor in your area.

Hope that helps…


You can also check with MSC. Do a search using “aluminum extrusion” the 80/20 stuff comes up within the first few items. They usually ship same day if you order before 1:00PM. Where you’re located should be next day delivery with normal ground shipping. They have warehousing in the tri-sate (NY) area.