Extruding Adjacent Shapes in Onshape

I would want to share an Onshape FeatureScript that allows to extrude adjacent shapes in a sketch.


I have only tried it with rectangles but from it seems, it works really well. This featurescript can help you design frames in one piece to make subsequent changes easier. I was also able to add new parts to the sketch and extrude them later like you would with the built in extrude feature.

Link to the original discussion where I found this featurescript: https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/7253/extrude-separate-adjacent-shapes

P.S. I am not really sure if this is well known or how well this works. I just happened to see some inquiries here on CD about it.


This feature script seems similar to one called extrude individual developed by @dydx found in Julias’s Featurescripts for extruding tubes in a similar fashion.

Although it looks like this one is more suited for just extruding faces from multiple sketches in different directions, while julias was developed to extrude stuff like tubes from an elevator or wcd layout sketch

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I’ve had a tough time with the regular extrude tool extruding two squares with one corner coincident, think like a checkerboard. I guess in Onshape this results in a sort of an undefined line, but I’m pretty sure other CAD programs will do it. Anyone have a workaround or suggestion for that?

Seems to work fine for me?

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Does that result in one or two solids?

When Onshape extrudes multiple solids, it results in solids of different colors.

@dydx What I was trying to do was actually add or remove a chekerboard shape like that to an existing part without creating any new parts. It failed when I tried to do an add or remove. I didn’t want to have to artificially create any overlap between the two sketch regions, but I’m not sure if there’s any other way. (Sorry to the OP if I hijacked this thread).

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