Eye protection

Alright, someone here has to know the answer to this. It has been bugging me for the last three years:

What type of safety goggles/glasses work the best for those with glasses?

Thanks in advance,

Hello brother. We share the same problem. I know they look dorky but the strap on googles work really well. They look like ones from a science lab however not THAT dorkey. If you really want to you can get safey glasses personally made to look cool and fit your glasses. The other solution would be to get contacts just for that purpose. Otherwise just use the science lab strapons.

These fit over my glasses (fairly small frame).

I dunno… We’ve got ones that you wear like glasses (arms, not straps) and they work perfectly.

Shooting goggles.

I think the best thing is to wear contacts seriously I hate wearing glasses on top of glasses it is just annoying.


I don’t wear glasses but many of those on my team do.

As safety captain I would recommend buying glasses specifically online. Some sites have larger glasses for those with prescription glasses.

Side shields are contreversial but still somewhat OK.

google safety glasses and you’ll find some cool ones!

Exactly this sort of thing. if you look around, you may be able to find some cool lookin ones along this design.


Did anyone notice in the manual that shaded safety glasses are not allowed this year? My team has ANSI approved glasses that are shaded and now i must buy new ones.

Wow, thanks for the advice everyone!

Yeah, I would use contacts but they irritate me. And I don’t like having to poke my eyes with my finger every morning and night.

I would seriously love to use side shields, someone on another team gave some cheap ones to me in 2005 but some judges give me flak for them. Is there an official ruling on side shields?

Also, where can custom goggles be found?

Thanks again,