Eyebolt help

Hi Everyone,
I need some help finding the eye-bolts that are required to be attached to the frame for belaying purposes. Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks, Jester

Your local hardware store should sell them. Just make sure that the inner diameter of the eyebolts are at least 3/4 inches in diameter.

There isnt a specific load requirement?

These are the only rules for the robot:

Teams must supply at least two (2) attachment points for the belaying device (see Section 2.2.5) to mount to their ROBOTS. Attachment points must be:

easily accessible after the ROBOT has CLIMBED the PYRAMID,
on opposite sides of the ROBOT,
located near the ROBOT’S balance point, and
made from exposed structural members that will allow a rope to be wrapped around it or two eyelets (McMaster PN3014T45 or similar) mounted to the frame. Opening of the eyelets must be at least ¾ in. in diameter.

I would note, however, that your Eyebolts really should be capable of supporting the robot should something go wrong while belaying. Nice sized steel eyebolts should have no problem - just watch where you attach them. Our team is bolting them through our frame, possibly with suspension cable reinforcement.

The mcmaster bolts are a cast eyebolt that supports 500 lbs if I remember correctly.
Most of the ones I found locally were formed by bending the hook to make the eyelets and only support 75 lbs. Be sure to get the cast type. The local Fastenal did have the correct kind. And McMaster ships very quickly. I didn’t check the big box stores. Anyone have luck finding them there?

but thats at least 150lbs with the set of 2 however thats without dynamic loads…

That is true, however the specified part is rated at 500 lbs. To me, 75 lbs is not similar to 500. And when you add up to 20 lbs of bumpers and a battery, you are approaching 150 lbs. There is nothing worse than driving around a strange city looking for an open Graingers so that you can pass an inspection. However, you can avoid the whole eyelets thing by having structural members on each side of the robot near the balance point that they can wrap a rope around as per the rules.

I’m just going to leave it there :wink:

Your load requirement is your robot weight. Preferably, one eyelet should be able to hold your robot with a safety factor. The dynamic loading on these bolts is not going to vary much from the static load since the robot is being moved by team members. The belayer will be slacking the line to keep the line taut.

The eyebolts shown in the rule are suggested parts not the required parts. You need attachment points of any type that meet the requirement.

Our robot is getting to have about an inch in the second level but most of it will only climb to the first level. Do we still need the belaying hooks?

Yes, you will still need them. All robots, regardless of climbing ability, will need the hooks according to <R10>.

Q&A confirms that ALL robots need attachment points.

Q. R10 If you don’t plan on climbing above zone 1, do you still need to provide fasteners/mounting points for the belay system on your robot? If you don’t will this violate R10?

2013-01-16 by FRC0133
A. Yes, [R10] requires all ROBOTS to have attachment points for the belay system.