F-35B ::drools::


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Don’t hold your breath waiting to see these at an air show anytime soon. It looks amazing but the price tag…

The potential is there, but that video you linked is very misleading.
I call a CGI fake on that video.

That one is a little more realistic, with the physics & dynamics a little better representing the actual flight dynamics & kinematics of the plane.

And a F-35B wouldn’t be the “first flight” anyways, since this was originally an experimental plane called the X-35B.
(X designates experimental in the development of planes, F for a final released version of a Fighter plane, C for a final released version of a Cargo plane, B for a final released version of a Bomber plane etc, etc.)

I can fly one rain or shine.:smiley:

It’s pretty exiting to fly.