F.I.R.S.T Robotics Recycle Rush board game

First of all, I know that the robots that year didn’t have bumpers, but I needed to differentiate red and blue’s robots from each other.

For a class I had to create a board game, so I decided to create one based off of Recycle Rush. The totes are very hastily made, but the game itself is playable and at least resembles the actual 2015 FRC game.


Overall it’s still a W.I.P. but I am still rather proud of it. The reason why I didn’t choose Stronghold was because of all the variables involved, and those variable being challenging to transfer into a board game.

The teacher’s favourite mechanic was that the player amount has to be either 2 or 6 to play. If enough people think that this is an okay idea I will post a google doc of the rules and gameplay so anyone can play it.

What are the rules? How does one play?
And why 2015 over 2014 or a “better” game?
Looks really neat, I want to hear more! :smiley:

My guess is going to be, the 2014 game wasn’t complex enough, and the 2016 game was too complex :P. Or maybe he just wasn’t a part of the 2014 game so he didnt want to do that :D.

That’s okay, I’ve got a board game for Stronghold. Maybe I’ll post it when I get a chance.

PLEASE do! It’d be really cool to play / have for offseasons as well :]

Do you role the dice at the beginning to see who wins the gam… I mean who gets the center cans?

No, actually, the robot with the tail is able to reach over the totes and grab a can, the other robots can also move the totes away to be able to reach them. Rolling the die is movement and tote/can pickup and stacking.

We made a board game version of Stronghold at the beginning of build season in order to test strategies. It wasn’t very helpful, although I think we tweaked the rules a bit after competition season to make it more or less realistic.

I’ve got it almost complete but technical problems (i.e., my boss) are getting in the way. And this is beginning to sound like a Fermat’s Last Theorem tease…

Here you go! Plays with chess and checker pieces on two modified chess boards.

Oh, and dirtbikerxz

…so it should be easy to make a game? :slight_smile:

I mean, with Recycle rush, I was bored, so it should work!