F4 - 2nd Bi-Annual CADathon

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce F4 will be hosting our second CADathon from December 28th 12 AM EST (midnight) - December 30th 12 PM (noon) EST. The live show with a brand new panel of judges will be streamed on December 31st at 6pm EST.

For those unaware, a CADathon is like a hackathon but with CAD. People/teams are given a short period of time to CAD a specific thing (in this case a robot) ending with a panel of judges selecting a winner. If you would like more information on the CADathon go to http://f4.network/cadathon/.

As for what will go on in ours:
Participants will be split into teams of 2 (If you would like to be a solo team please give yourself a team name in the google form and have no one else join it). Teams can be premade with people who know each other or participants can enter by themselves and be assigned a random partner. Partners will be assigned by skill level along with the prerequisite of sharing a common CAD suite. We will try to make sure partners are in the same time zone but that will be more difficult. From there, teams will be put in individual google hangouts groups where they can discuss and collaborate. The teams have approximately 3 days to CAD a robot from the game reveal. The game reveal will include a CAD model of the field, a short video explaining the game, and a game manual. When they are done, teams must create a high quality render of their robot and send the F4 crew a link to their robot uploaded in its entirety on Grabcad. If teams do not submit both a render and a Grabcad link by 6pm est on December 30th, they will be disqualified. Once done, the files will be inspected to make sure they adhere to the game rules. At 6 PM EST on December 31st, a special F4 CADathon show will go live. First, each team will come on and explain their robots to the audience. Then, a panel of 3 special guest judges will judge each robot on set categories explained in the game manual. The judges will then figure out how many points the robot can potentially score off of a quantitative scoring system. The winner will then be determined based on all of those factors.

The only prerequisites to join are that you are willing to spend time doing it and that you have access to some CAD software. You can be any age (this is not limited to students) and we encourage everyone from newbies to the most advanced CADers to put their skills to the test. If you are new to CAD and would like to be on a larger team to help yourself learn, please contact us as these will be handled on a case to case basis. If you are interested please sign up at the link below.

If you are interested in being a judge for the show apply here.


Good Luck!

  • The F4 CADathon GDC

Do you have to work in a team, or can you go solo?

You can go Solo if you want. All you have to do is give yourself a team name and have no one else join it.

This sounds interesting…

By when would one have to sign up to be a participant?

Signups are due the night before it starts, December 27th, at 11:59:59 PM. For organization’s sake, it would be easier to sign up earlier.

This looked like a lot of fun the first time round. Hopefully I’ll be able to participate this time round. However for the show on the 31st, would teams be allowed to submit a written description of their design? I ask because with it being new years eve, it may be challenging for some teams (myself included) to find time to come on the show that night.

Absolutely. That wouldn’t be an issue at all.

What are the rules to using CAD models made before the start date?

The gdc decided we will run similar rules to official Frc rules and allow any you to use any models that are publicly available.

Will people be required to release their final CAD models to the public?


I like that you are using GrabCAD this time around to circumvent the long load and wait times. I will shoot this over to my students to see if they want to try round 2. Make sure you post or send the judges comments this time around, constructive feedback is why they do this!

Many have asked if an FRC team can have multiple CADathon teams. This is perfectly allowed. We only ask that you number your created teams like (2869-1 and 2869-2).

If you need any other clarifications feel free to PM me or PM the F4Network CD profile.

The game is looking really exciting so far can not wait to see what you design.

Hello everyone.

F4 has decided to move the date of the live show from December 31st to January 1st. The time will also be moving from 6pm est to 8pm est.

We think this new date will work much better for potential judges as well as potential live viewers and CADathon participants.

I like the change in dates and agree that it should makes things much easier on those involved.

The GDC decided it was time for a little game hint…

Would you mind moving those useless old wheels out of the way so I can get a better look at the game hint. Clearly the angle iron is a field obstacle we must traverse. :rolleyes:

You’re not looking close enough. See that orange thing in front of the iron? It must mean that robots need wires!

Obviously the nuts and the washer mean something.

How do you upload complex assemblies to Grabcad? I tried to upload and download a robot that I made. When I tried to open it, once I downloaded the file on a different computer, Solidworks said it was missing the components required for the assembly.

How do I fix this?