F4 - 2nd Bi-Annual CADathon

The problem is that you are uploading the assembly without uploading the parts that make up the assembly. When you open the assembly on the other computer, it doesn’t have the parts to open. You can solve this by uploading your parts in a way that will be referenced by the assembly when you download the file (eg. placing all components in a GrabCAD folder) or you could “pack and go” the whole assembly (more information here). Hope this helps!

Question: can we use OnShape? It is compatible with SolidWorks files. I’ll probably be able to use SW the whole time, but I wanted to know if I could use OnShape as backup.

Just a reminder today is the deadline to sign up! Sign-ups will officially close at 11:30pm on 12/27.

As you have signed up as a random assignment we will require that you use Solidworks and not OnShape. We would be OK with OnShape if you were on a team of others using it but we would like teams to be using the same software packages which I’m sure you understand.

I understand completely about using the same software. I will be able to use SW the whole time, so this is not an issue, which is why I signed up with SolidWorks. I was mostly just wondering if OnShape was allowed, as I thought only Inventor and SW could be used last time. :slight_smile:

Just clarifying the manual will be posted here at 12 Midnight tonight?

Yes. As well as in the Slack chat (Which BTW everyone has now been added to).

Do both members of a team have to fill out registration (assuming you know the person you’re planning to work with)?


Not participating because I enjoy sleep before build season, but I can’t wait to watch the live show to see what you guys come up with!

If anyone else wants to compete you have 12 minutes left to signup!

The game will go live tonight at 12am est.

And this years game…

Click HERE to see the manual as well as download the field CAD.

Good luck teams!

Hello everyone,

Although more will be coming on the show, judges, ect… later today I figured I would give everyone a sneak peak of the designs that were made.

Here is an imgur album with them all - http://imgur.com/a/rvXhJ


Thanks for all the teams that competed! I hope everyone had a great time.