F4 - 3rd Bi-Annual CADathon

Just design a robot in 6 hours, man. You’ll have a bit of company :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way the judge application says “how free are you on December 30/31” which are probably not the dates you meant.

Should scheduling become a conflict, I’ll be following the release thread closely anyways and can answer questions on rule clarifications and the such.

The times have all been changed around. The new dates and times are as follows…

Game Release - Thursday August 3rd 8pm EDT
CADing Ends - Sunday August 6th 6pm EDT
Show Time - Monday August 7th 8pm EDT

Sorry for any issues this has caused.

Due to several people requesting weekend time to work, and disagreeing with the midnight reveal time, the times have been changed.

Hope to see more people signing up now, especially the ones that said they would do it if it was on a weekend :wink::smiley:

Thanks for changing the times! If I can rope a friend of mine into doing it with me, I’ll likely participate this time - I could use the practice and these sorts of things are good motivators.

I just signed up and I’m super excited to participate! I’m currently looking for a team mate, preferably from Minnesota. I’m proficient in Solidworks 2016. Please PM if you’re interested in joining me!

Ugh I’ll be on a plane for the last day :frowning:

On that Sunday, or Monday?. If it’s on that Sunday, you can do your work on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and submit before your plane.

Update: 44 People signed up as of right now, keep on signing up! Deadline to sign up is Wednesday Night.

Just a reminder, CADathon starts on Thursday August 3rd 8pm EDT!!!

This looks like a lot of fun!

A few questions:

Will the allowance of preCADded mechanisms be allowed as it was last year according to this post?

Can we change team names or people on a team later if we find more people who wish to join later?


Yes this will be allowed again. You can use cad models that are publicly available, (you will have to give credit to the original creator if you use work that isn’t yours).

You can change the people on a specific team (until wednesday night) but we are limiting teams to two people, (or three people in cases with special permission, such as if there is someone new with 0 cad experience or someone with very little time and still wants to participate, then we will put that person with a pre-existing team that already has 2 people, making it a team of 3).

Since I know how much everyone loves teasers, here is a teaser:


Calling it now: Teams need to find Bigfoot.

That logo just reminds me of rally racing so much.

It’s duck hunt and it’s also going to be the Official 2018 FRC Game. /s

55 people (resulting in 25 teams) signed up so far! Deadline to sign up is tonight! (no set time, just “tonight”)

Sign ups are now closed. 59 people signed up making this the biggest CADathon yet. Get ready for the game announcement later today.

Will there be a slack made to handle everything this year again?

Yes. Invites for everyone will be going out in the next few hours.