F4 CADathon 5: 2nd Place - Team 157: Minotaur Presents: Blockade

Team 157 is proud to present our submission for the 5th F4 CADathon, Blockade. We placed in second, to a very worthy first, and we could not be happier with how far this robot has brought us.

We would like to thank the F4 team for investing so much time and effort into making this CADathon happen, as well as to the sponsors for supporting this event. We had lots of fun and we’ll see you in the winter!

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If you have any questions about our robot, please feel free to ask.

Awesome robot, you guys are producing quality robots every CADathon! Im seriously worried for CADathon 6 :ahh:

I’m missing how the disc brake would operate, also why such a large pulley vs. a gearbox on the elevator “gearbox”/winch? Amazing robot!

Hey, thanks for asking! Our lift is continuous rigged for power up and power down, and the four smaller spools on the top with the helical string guides drive the lift up and down. The giant pulley is a 100t htd timing pulley, which we used to maintain our desired gear ratio while allowing us to cantilever the input and let us use a disc brake. The point of the disc brake is to lock the lift without stalling the driving motors. The disc and caliper we used, by the way, were the same as the disc and caliper from 2471’s cad. I’m not 1000% sure how they actuated their brake, but I’m fairly certain it’s actuated by an internal servo.