F4 CADathon Pre-CADathon 7 Poll

Hello Everyone,

We are currently in our CADathon process and wanted to run a poll to determine when the most optimal dates would be for the 2019 Summer CADathon as well as receive feedback in regards to the CADathon in general.

We determined the most feasible dates for the 2019 Summer CADathon to be these (in the poll, please select all dates that you are able to compete in):

  1. Wednesday, July 17 - Saturday, July 20
  2. Thursday, July 18 - Sunday, July 21
  3. Wednesday, July 24 - Saturday, July 27
  4. Thursday, July 25 - Sunday, July 28
  5. Wednesday, July 31 - Saturday, August 3
  6. Thursday, August 1 - Sunday, August 4
  7. none :frowning:

The poll can be found here (it will close at 8pm EST on Sunday the 23rd ):


I have been waiting for a while to see this! Now that I have a regular work schedule I cant wait to compete again!

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Ya, sorry about the delay, we’ve already started working on the game itself, just forgot to post the poll for the dates. Oops

You all have opened the flood gates on poll responses, keep em comin!

Will teams be up to 3 participants, as it was last time?


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Just a reminder, the poll to determine the dates will close tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm EST

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Poll to determine dates closes in a couple of hours, a couple of the options are very close in votes.

Curious to see how many submissions you got.

When are the final dates going to be released?

The official post will be up within the next few days, we are finalizing a few key details


any updates?


just curious


Plz, dont be next week. Really dont wanna cad next week.

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The dates are august 1-4. Official post will be going up in a bit.


Darn, was hoping to get some kids on 1640 to do it but everyone will be in China for an off-season event. Maybe they can just do it on their own time outside of the official dates.

Same deal. I’m away that weekend and so won’t be able to participate. I may however attempt it at a later date.

I’m sure the judges wouldn’t mind looking at their submissions and giving feedback even after the fact if they decide they still want to do it just for practice

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