F4 CADathon Pre-CADathon 8 Poll

Hello Everyone,

We are currently in our CADathon process and wanted to run a poll to determine when the most optimal dates would be for the 2019 Winter CADathon as well as receive feedback in regards to the CADathon in general.

We determined the most feasible dates for the 2019 Winter CADathon to be these (in the poll, please select all dates that you are able to compete in):

  1. Thursday, Dec 12 - Saturday, Dec 15
  2. Thursday, Dec 19 - Sunday, Dec 22
  3. Friday, Dec 20 - Monday, Dec 23
  4. none :frowning:

The poll can be found here (it will close at 8pm EST on Saturday the 30th):


Oh boy that 3rd option looks wicked. Looking forward to another awesome CADathon!

Looking forward to participating in this competition for the first time. Will the group sizes be the same as the previous competitions?

Most likely, details will be confirmed in the official post.

The Poll has now closed, we will be released the final dates with the official announcement post soon.

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When is the official times and rules going to be released? I am thinking about doing a cadathon for the first time and wanted to make sure I can make it.

The cadathon dates are Friday, Dec 20 - Monday, Dec 23, the official signup post will be posted soon (working out some sponsors).


Any updates on when β€œsoon” is?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say sometime between now and the 20th?

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I mean I would say the 20th is soon.

Would be interesting to see a signup released within a week of the start. I for sure know I’m going to have to stay on top of it!

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