F4 CADathon Pre-CADathon 9 Date Poll

Hello Everyone,

We are currently in the process of planning the 2020 Summer CADathon. Please complete this poll to help us pick the most optimal dates for everyone. Like the Spring CADathon the CADathon duration will last an entire week, and we will again allow entire FIRST teams to compete as one team.

The poll can be found here (It will close on Friday, July 24th):

Thanks to feedback we have decided to move the CADathon chat from slack to discord. We will continue to provide updates in the CADathon slack for the next little bit, but will soon start to use the discord exclusively.
Link to join the discord: F4 CADathon


Will we still be able to participate if we don’t have/can’t get Discord?

Yes, we post all updates on the CD thread as well. But being on the discord is highly recommended to ask questions easily, get help with software etc.

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Just a reminder, Poll closes in 3 days.

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