F4 CADathon Pre-CADathon Poll

Hello Everyone,

We are currently in our Pre-CADathon process and wanted to run a poll to determine when the most optimal dates would be for the winter CADathon as well as receive feedback in regards to team sizes and the CADathon in general.

We determined the most feasible dates for the winter CADathon to be these (in the poll, please select all dates that you are able to compete in):

  1. Thursday, December 13 - Sunday, December 16
  2. Wednesday, December 19 - Saturday, December 22
  3. Thursday, December 20- Sunday, December 23
  4. Friday, December 21-Monday, December 24
  5. none :frowning:

We received some requests from participants requesting that the team sizes be increased for future CADathons, so we prepared a few choices that we believe are feasible and want to know what your preferences are. The choices are:

  1. Teams of up to 2 members, with a potential 3rd member who is a newbie to CAD (this was how previous CADathons have been run).
  2. Teams of up to 3 members, with no restrictions on the 3rd member.
  3. Teams of up to 5 members, with no restrictions.
  4. Creating a second division for teams of up to 10 members. (One division the way CADathon has run so far, and a second division for teams up to 10). (NOTE: this may affect prize availability and distribution between divisions depending on sponsors).

Even if you are unable to compete in any of the possible dates for the winter CADathon, please complete the poll so that we can receive your feedback regarding the team sizes, and anything else you may want changed or fixed from previous CADathons.

The poll can be found here (it will close at 6pm on Friday the 16th):

I would love to see a division where each team is just a single person but I could see how this becomes a resource issue with how many robots would potentially be caded.