F4 - Episode 12 (Effective Outreach)



Tomorrow the 12th episode of F4 will happen once again at 8pm EST.

The topic will be all about Outreach. We will go in depth on the best ways to reach others and spread the message of First.

Our Co-hosts will include…

Anish De from Team 5123 The Mechadogs
Jordan Godwin from Team 1902 Exploding Bacon
and, Jon Logrippo from Team 3309 The FriarBots

Watch the episode live here.

The archive will be here. Generally it will be up a few hours after the show on Sunday.

We also are always looking for more students to join our family. If you would like to join our Slack chat and soon host an episode fill out this form.

Lastly I should say in a few days we are going to announce a new piece of the F4 Network and we think all of you are going to like it.

Thanks and see you Sunday!

  • Sam

We have a slight change in the co-hosts for tonight. Instead of Anish we will be having Liam Fay from team 2485 The WARLords.

See everyone in 50 minutes.