F4 - Episode 13 (What makes a team successful?)

F4 - Episode 13 (What makes a team successful?)

Hi everyone!

Today we are going to go live with the next episode of F4! Today’s episode is going to be all about what makes a team successful on all levels of sucess.

Today’s Cohosts are…

Grace Rosenvall from team 2122 - Team Tators
Jacob Carroll from team 346 - The RoboHawaks
and Dikshant Sharma from team 226 - The Hammerheads

We are also proud to release our brand new website!
So, if you want to apply to the show, read about our members, or watch archives check it out!

Lastly remember we go live right here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVd7jV5lIirbn0f71skmVIA

So set your alarms for 8pm eastern time today! See you there.

  • Sam

you should invite some ppl from power house teams to if you can

We have specifically reached out to a few of the top 1% of teams without too much luck. In the end we have found that members organically joining is the best way.

I should mention Grace’s team were captains of an Einstein alliance this year as well as Jacob’s team leading an alliance on Hopper that progressed to Semi-Finals.

good show tonight F4! i would be interested if you or your guests would be willing to post their teams frc progression ie. freshman learn this sophomore this etc. Also some teams have posted “team handbooks” in media it would be great to see some from the f4 cast.
so awesome to see students take this on. good luck

I’ll talk to my head mentor and see if I can get a summary of progression sent to you. As far as I know, we don’t have a team handbook, sorry.