Fabricating parts in parking lot

Is fabricating parts in parking lot legal this year?

Nope … See C13

Missed that one, thanks for the official word.

Not unless you did it before stop build day and put it in the bag, or do it before the event and bring it in as withholding.

R18. Teams must stay “hands-off” their bagged ROBOT elements during the following time periods:

[li]A. between Stop Build Day and their first event,
[/li]> [li]B. during the period(s) between their events, and
[/li]> [li]C. outside of Pit hours while attending events. [QUOTE] Modifying parts at night offsite (e.g. pits have closed and you bring a MECHANISM back to the hotel to fix it) is a violation of R18-C. [/li][li]…

Edit: also note:

C13. No work outside your pit. Throughout the event, from load-in to load-out, Teams may only produce FABRICATED ITEMS in their pit area, other Teams’ pit areas with permission from that Team, or as permitted at provided machine shops.