Facebook: High School

So there is this facebook high school, what is it all about. It seems like they have closed it off a bit by making it invite only.

Has anyone played with it at all?


thats been there for a while. I dunno why they have it. Its basicly like myspace only worse. I have a college account though to keep in touch with all the college buddies.

facebook is 1,000,000x better than myspace.

At least for college. I don’t know anything about the hs one.

I have a HS account and it’s kinda pointless. There are so many limitations on it you can’t really do anything. I’d have to say if you’re in HS just use Myspace for keeping in touch with friends.

Myspace is pretty hideous, I would say. The ads are ridiculous, and the organization of the website itself is terrible. Facebook is more concise about a lot of things, but whoever mentioned the limitations is very correct.

For example, I have college facebook, and I find it a lot easier to find friends there than I do on High School. Why? Maybe I can’t spell a friend’s last name right, but it’s OK I just search within their college, or look through my friends’ lists if we have mutual friends. On HS facebook, there are so many school names that it’s nearly impossible to find people who went to camp with you or a robotics comp.

If you want HS stuff and your highschool is into it, I’d actually reccomend Sconex. Some schools have no one, and some schools have 110% (spam accs, but there are still a lot of real students). Sconex.com’s layout can get rather annoying at times, but if your school has a lot of people, it’s better then myspace, xanga, or a HS facebook.

And it’s superspecialized for HS’s only, and if you HS is popular there, it has a lot of useful resources, like grouping by class so you can PM your class to ask the HW, etc.

Just my two cents.

Thanks for suggesting Sconex!!! It’s much nicer than Myspace. Loads faster and has way fewwer ads. Beside it’s for highschool only so there a plus right there.

The Washington Post had an article on the front page today about Facebook and other bloging sites.


Regarding the article posted by wetzel-
RMHS suspended a few kids last year due to xanga posts. Now our teachers have xangas and check up on what is written on ours. Watch what you write. People read everything they can online. The last time I was on a site like myspace I wrote about my life and where I went and what I did. Little did I know that a 28 year old man was reading it and abducted me at the age of 14 from a local library.
I really like how you have to be invited to be on HS Facebook and how you have to give permission to others to view your site. It is fun and as soon as you figure it out it is pretty easy. Believe it or not it is a good thing to be protected on the net.