Factory reset a RoboRIO?

We were testing our roboRIO and rebooted the robot in the process. When the robot booted up, the roboRIO became totally unresponsive. I can’t get any comms to it through WiFi, Ethernet, or USB. The flasher tools and aren’t able to connect.

I’m looking through the roboRIO user manual for a factory reset function and I can’t seem to find one. The “reset” key only boots the roboRIO into safe mode.

How do I completely reset the roboRIO to factory reset mode? or atleast if anyone has had similar symptoms to what I am experiencing?

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National Instruments has a phone line dedicated to helping FIRST teams; while I have not used it for getting roboRio help, I’ve used it in the past for cRio help and they’re incredibly friendly and crazy helpful.

Thanks for the #, I’ll have to use it sometime. Apparently the built-in mDNS resolver on the roboRIO isn’t working, I had to enable the mDNS on the router and connect through the router instead. Silly that this completely disables straight-through ethernet as well as USB (which is proclaimed as “the only safe way to image the device”)