Fahrenheit 9/11


So, who else is going to see this movie the day it comes out? Gotta love that poster too.

I’m definitely seeing it as soon as it comes out. That poster is great. :slight_smile:

I’m going to see it as soon as I can, I can’t wait

I’m gonna go see it the day it comes out :slight_smile:

crosses fingers With luck, I will. I’ll be out of school by then, but I think I have other committments lined up for that day…Grr…

Definitely the first chance I get though. (I’m still trying to find a chance to see Bowling for Columbine and I loved Dude Where’s My Country…Michael Moore, maniac that he is, is great.)

I’ll see it the day it comes out, if it plays locally.

I am going to try as much as I can to go see this the day it is released. After the debacle that was “Dude, where is my country?”, how could I not? =)

I’m not really in a big rush to see it the first day it comes out but I’ll probably go see it. I’ll be in Washington, DC at the time so it will be interesting to see what the reception of the movie is there.

I find that poster strangely appealing for some reason even though I would probably disagree with every single opinion he has.

sigh I just found out that F911 isn’t going to be playing at any of the local theaters. And I’m guessing my parents wont go down to LA or Glendale to see the movie.

I don’t really care for Michael Moore or his views, but from what ive seen he appears to be a brilliant movie maker whether you agree with him or not…

I think ill go see it eventually…

What DJ said.

I’ll see it as soon as I can, but I already know how I’m voting, so this will be purely entertainment for me.


I’m getting a big group together to go. I’m quite excited. Maybe I should bring some voter registration forms along…

If your choice of candidate can be swayed by watching one movie, then maybe you shouldn’t.

While I’m 99% certain you misunderstood what was written…

Are you suggesting that someone not vote?

Please see the movie! and then, give it a week, and I am sure there will be many reports showing you all the false facts in the movie, just as there was for BFC. I personally liked Bowling for Columbine but then, I found out about how many little facts were slanted to make his point. As Schnitt says, “He makes good entertaining crapumentary’s” I personally will see it, but if its slanted to the point where it says its a conspiracy brought on by US Government (and/or George Bush) I will be walking out.

These movies, just like any information, have to be taken with a grain of salt. They are trying to further their views, so they are probably only going to tell one side. However, in this case, the otherside appears everyday, and Bush’s administration slants what he says way more than this movie probably will, he’s a politician that’s what they do, but to not want to see both sides or simply disregard one side is just an attempt to maintain ignorance, and that has never helped anyone.

Maybe what I typed didn’t make sense… but what I meant was, if by just watching this movie your choice of candidate will be decided, then yes maybe you shouldn’t vote. People need to actually research and know their candidate before they vote for them - not just go and watch a biased 2 hour movie and then decide.

Hopefully that made more sense… :]

As you may or may not know, Michael Moore has hired 2 prominent publicists to monitor the news wire services 24/7 and to respond to any allegations of falsifications within minutes of the accusations. In fact, at least one attempt to label Moore a liar has already been swept aside. Knowing that Michael Moore wants President Bush to follow in his one term father’s footsteps, and observing that Moore has set up this “War Room” with such reputable people as Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane; I have, implicitly, come to the conclusion that Moore has taken quite a bit more care in his fact gathering and fact distribution tactics than Moore critics allege he has taken in his older movies.

I had no idea who this Schnitt guy you spoke of was, and after I did a quick search I’m sad to say I do now. He appears to be another rightwing talking head with a three-hour time block to himself. On a side note: with so many rightwing talk show hosts on the air doesn’t it get a little boring to hear the same static? Back to the topic at hand (or maybe I’ll take this further off topic)… This Schnitt guy is entitled to his opinion, and if his opinion is that he hasn’t liked Moore’s movies, then that’s how the cards fell. He can say whatever he wants, but he and his zealous followers have to realize that there are an equal ore greater number of people who like Moore’s films and have the right to like them, as well. For all of the “States’ Rights” and “Censorship / Political Correctness is ploy the Left to take away our rights” arguments the Right makes they sure seem to be contradicting themselves with regard to this film. I’ve seen and read dozens of interviews with activists from the Right who go out and tell people to boycott this film. In order to keep with their supposed “people should be free to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t break a law or hurt other people” ideal, shouldn’t they say something more along the lines of “People can go see this film if they want, and if they don’t like what they’ve read about it then they shouldn’t see it.” Doesn’t that sound like a better slogan for everyone involved?

You say you’ll see it but if it’s slanted against the Bush Administration you’ll walk out? Why even bother to see it, then? It’s really okay for you to wait until more reviews of the movie come out and see if they say he’s bashing Bush too much. From what I’ve observed of your comments on these boards (here’s an example)](http://www.seadawgs.com/PM.jpg) I believe that you probably wouldn’t like this movie, and I suggest that you might want to save yourself $7-10 and pass on this movie. Conversely, I would encourage you and everyone else to see this movie and help make it the highest grossing documentary in American movie history.

I’ll be seeing the movie on Friday after work with a large group of interns here in Washington D.C.