"Failed to connect to Real-Time target" error on one computer and not the other

Labview and all the updates have been installed on both computers.
Both computers can ping the router and cRIO

On the computer with the error, I am able to open the default labview project. I can right click on the “RT CompactRIO Target” icon in the project explorer and click connect. The green light lights up showing it connects.

However, when I try to run the code the program freezes up displaying the line “Failed to connect to Real-Time target”

I have no problem connecting and submitting code from another computer.

Would anyone have any direction I can point my attention in?

A few things to try:

  • Disable all other Network connections leaving only the one you are using for the cRIO.
  • Turn off all firewalls and anti-virus programs
  • Verify the remaining connection has an FRC valid IP address, i.e., (for Ethernet) or (for wireless), Check the Advanced button for multiple IP addresses and delete any extras.
  • Type ipconfig /all in a command window to verify what your network connections are.
    *]Close the Dashboard if it is open. There is an issue if the SmartDashboard client is trading data with an existing server on the cRIO.

Also make sure you selected the correct IP address in the LabVIEW project.

Thanks guys,

The correct IP Address is in the labview project. I was able to ping the router and cRIO. I was also able to right click in the explorer window and connect to the cRIO but when it came to running the code, I would be disconnected and get the error in my original post.

No other networking connections are made beside the one connecting the computer to the router.

All firewalls and anti virus programs were disabled.

Typing ipconfig /all in the command prompt gave me back the expected results.

The dashboard was also closed the entire time.

I was able to single out where the problem started. The only computer able to successfully connect and submit code is the one that imaged the cRIO. No other computer is able to submit code.

Is there any known problem for an issue such as this?