Failed to Deploy Target Settings Error URGENT

We are a 4th year team in urgent need of help before our competition on Saturday. We have had many connection issues in the past week with LabView. First, our roboRIO broke and we had to re-image it twice before we had comms. Right now, building works fine and we have comms before we run as startup. The deploying process connects with the target before our error occurs. After deploying NI_PID_pid.lvlib, it deploys to the target and we receive the error “Failed to deploy to target settings” and after that “Deployment completed with errors”. After exiting that screen LabView tells us that the connection was broken. We have tried running a default LabView program on the laptop and we get the same error. If we use another laptop, we get the same error. We are desperate as the THOR competition is on Saturday! Any help is much appreciated.

Sounds like a connection problem, especially if imaging was being interrupted. What kind of cable are you using to connect to the roboRIO (or are you connecting over wifi)? If wifi, try using a cable. If you are using a cable, it’s possible the cable is faulty. Try using a different cable. Even better, try using a different type of cable (USB B vs ethernet) to rule out a bad port on the roboRIO.

It does not work with a USB-B cable or ethernet either. Also, this error appears twice during deployment.

LabVIEW: (Hex 0x661) The LabVIEW Real-Time process encountered an unexpected error and restarted automatically.

We are testing the vision error theory now.

I’d like to hear a bit more about what it means when you say the roboRIO broke. Also, what version was the image that you formatted it with? What type of cable or connection are you using?

As for ideas about getting it fixed, … I’d check the NI License manager to make sure that the libraries being deployed are not in evaluation mode or something like that. I have seen that message before, and I’ve seen instances where doing an second deployment will work.

Greg McKaskle

I forgot about the vision upgrade problem. If your laptop had the 2014 patch for vision installed on it, that would explain the problem. Comment out the vision code to verify that it is causing the problem. If you need vision in your robot code, either use a laptop that hasn’t been updated, or downgrade the vision to what was installed at kickoff last year.

Greg McKaskle

So five laptops later, we still have the same problem. Another thing to note is that the IP address of the roboRIO is static and does not contain our team number. We got this IP address from the roboRIO webdash. I think it’s actually wrong, but we always have comms when our error occurs.

What is your roboRIO’s IP address? Does it match the address of the robot project’s RT roboRIO Target?