"Failed to load shared library FRC_UserProgram.out on RT target device"

I’ve been getting an error message when attempting to download code to the cRIO with LabVIEW:
LabVIEW: Failed to load shared library FRC_UserProgram.out on RT target device.
I get this error the first time I try to run the code (from RAM), and the program does not start. Upon attempting to run the code once more, it succeeds with no errors.

Any ideas on what’s causing this issue?

Also—and perhaps this is related—I can’t get the code to stick on the cRIO, even when setting it as the startup application in the properties of the Build Specifications tree. (The no_app DIP switch is not selected.)

(LabVIEW is at revision 8.6.1 with the latest FRC updates, cRIO image is version 20. Jaguars are configured using CAN, with latest firmware. I’m using a modified version of the non-CAN default code, with the CAN VIs inserted in place of the standard drive routines.)

I’d fix your permanent download problem first. Without that nothing else matters.

Perhaps describe the steps you take in detail to download, including any and all settings you’ve made in properties.
Try not to use the term “latest.” Use the real version #'s.
I hear “latest” so many times at regionals, and it just means the last version they noticed…

I wonder if your problem is related to this: http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=15045

Joe: you know, Rob Heslin was telling me about that CAN problem at FLR…I didn’t even think to look into it. I’ll give the no_app workaround that a shot, and see what happens.

I managed (earlier on) to get a program to load permanently, so I figured that I must have been doing something wrong recently. In fact, I think the arrival of those symptoms coincided with the addition of the CAN bus.

And Mark, you’re right about “latest”; it was the latest Jaguar firmware (89), until they released another one (90) two days ago. (It would have been nice if Luminary Micro updated their website to indicate a revision had taken place on March 17th. Also: a changelog would be nice…) In any event, from the description on the FIRST forums, version 89 should be sufficient.