Failure connecting to Real-Time Target

We are continually getting this error when trying to deploy the code to the robot. First we build the code, then we run as startup. When running as startup, it seems that the computer cannot connect to the robot? I’m not sure what the issue is. The computer is connected to the cRIO via ethernet port 1. The ip is set to 10.xx.xx.6 because we are not using the classmate to code but rather a seperate computer. Any help would be beneficial.

My experience is that the Driver Station application must run on a computer having IP address 10.x.y.5 in order for the cRIO to establish communication with it.

I have not had that experience. I was running it the other day from 10.x.y.30. You do have to power cycle the cRIO before it will connect to a driver station on a different IP address.

In my recent experience, when we DEPLOY, it seems to come up OK … after a small wait.

… but when we BUILD and RUN AS STARTUP, I’ve found that after a successful download, a 'bot power-cycle is required for it to reliably get that green-light for “valid code” to light-up on the DS.

… and watch your build error messages … I’ve Built/Deployed twice in a row without changing anything; the first time, errors, 2nd time no errors at all. That’s when I power-cycle the 'bot and wait for that virtual green LED to light-up.

Worked like a charm a half-dozen times tonight.

[edit] … if you’re not even getting the connection light after a power cycle, then you might be experiencing the race-condition bootup of the cRIO and the BridgeAdapter. Fixed with an “arp” command and/or a paper-clip RESET to the cRIO after everything is all powered up. There’s an NI forum thread as well as a couple here at CD.

This may sound stupid, as this is my first year programming and I have roughly no idea of what I’m doing, but… How exactly does one power-cycle the robot?

We were all new once, and we remember what it was like.

If you are wired up per the electrical system rules, you can power cycle the cRIO (and the rest of the robot) by pushing the red button to open the 120A breaker, waiting a couple of seconds, and then closing the breaker again.

I’ll be sure to give that a try. Thanks for understanding!