Failure to launch: nothing happens in tethered benchtop test

Our team has finally wired the power to the control system and we started doing a bench test. We have everything hooked up (to the best of our knowledge) and everything blinks all nice and happy. When we tether the robot to the bench, nothing happens. Jaguar lights continue blinking yellow, and we even hooked a motor to one, and it doesn’t respond. The ethernet ports flash orange and green, so something is going on, but not what the benchtop test specifies.


Driver station:
2 joysticks, usb ports 1+2
tether in eth port 1
running OTB version

Robot Controller:
tether in eth port 1
1 Digital sidecar plugged into NI 9403 bus in the center of bridge
jaguars using PWM cabes plugged into PWM OUT +V 1-4
jaguars jumpered OTB setting

attempting benchtest Rev .4

Do I need to update the firmware? Is there an updated version of the bench test? If there is, can someone post links?

You didn’t say, so I have to ask: does the Digital Sidecar have power connected?

Also, what does “bus in the center of bridge” mean?

You should hold off updating the firmware for now. Leave the DS and cRIO in their Out-of-The-Box state until you resolve why you’re not getting a valid PWM signal to the Jaguars.

The Sidecar lights up (green lights) when we flip the breaker, I guess so.

The cRIO has 8 slots, the NI 9403 piece is plugged into slot 4 (from the ethernet ports).

Thanks for the quick response.

We figured it out. The PWM’s were plugged in backwards. Oops.

Thanks for the help!