Failure to send JRE to the roboRio

I already flashed and imaged the roboRio.

Now, I’m trying to download the JVM on the roboRio. I used the java-installer.jar tool located in /user/wpilib/tools/ and got it to download the necessary files. However, the program is stalling when it’s trying to deploy java.

I tried rebooting the robot, and running the installer while connected to the network and while connected to no network. Nothing worked.

The log file is attached.
Thank you.

javainstaller.txt (361 KB)

javainstaller.txt (361 KB)

javainstaller.txt (361 KB)

I re-imaged the robot and everything works now. The orange light wasn’t lit before, but now it is. Everything’s working fine.

It appears that something went wrong with the original roboRIO image. The error was that it attempted to log into the roboRIO via ssh to copy the created JRE over, but the roboRIO rejected the connection. That shouldn’t happen under normal circumstances.