Fair line wheels

Our team really wants to use the fair line wheels for our shooter, but we don’t have a hex broach. Can be purchase hex fair line wheels? If not, what are some good substitutes?

Where are you located? Can help put you in touch with someone who has a broach.

If not, did you buy a wheel size which has a bore that can accept an off the shelf hex hub from AndyMark, VEX, ThriftyBot, or West Coast Products?

Near wildstang. We have not purchased wheels yet, would and of these hubs fit?

Looks like you’re 11 miles out from 111 WildStang. I would reach out to @HarrisonDrake for some help!

What diameter wheel are you looking to purchase? If it’s 4", check this out. They’re basically the equivalent of the Fairlanes with the hex already in there for you to make life a bit easier.


It is what you’re looking for. Please look for the symbol that denotes what’s in stock.

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We are looking for 3 inch. Why are the fairline wheels so coveted?

This is probably worth a read: Why use Fairlane Wheels?

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An additional option if you’d like to use Fairlane wheels with a hex shaft would be the Space Coast Products Fairlane Hub, available here.

Full disclosure: I am associated with the company.


We’d be more than happy to help you guys out. We do have a 1/2" hex broach for various things. However, specifically for the Fairlanes, we have moved to doing printed & pressed in hubs. Much easier manufacturing process for us with our current setup.

Specifically, we purchased this wheel and pressed a 1.260" diameter printed 1/2" hex hub in.



3" wheel for what exactly?

a single-wheel shooter

If I recall correctly, Fairlane wheels have a 1.125" hub, so you should be able to put a metal hub in from Vex, and use the 1.875" bolt pattern for extra security. Unfortunately I don’t think they make 3" versions of these wheels.

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