Fairlane Press Fit Hub Diameter

I have some fairlane rollers on order from McMaster but they haven’t arrived yet and I’d like to go ahead and start fabricating the hubs for them. Does anyone know the exact diameter the hubs should be turned down to for a good pressfit? It says in the product description that the ID of the roller is 1.25", but I wasn’t sure if the hubs should be exactly that size or over/undersized.

I’ve heard you want .002 - .003

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Press fits need to be right, I suggest you wait until you have the parts in hand to measure, before final machining.

A stated size of 1.25" doesn’t have enough digits to tell you how big to make the hubs.

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We did a 3 thou press fit. (1.253) And yes do always measure the id of the fairlane. Ours happened to be dead on at 1.25


In the past we’ve turned ABS and Delrin to 1.26 and pressed it in.

Now I like to print makeforged hubs at 1.27 with a generous chamfer. The infill structure makes large interference fits easy.


Another question. Is the steel wire a necessity for the 60A wheels, or only for the softer wheels?

The wheel in the picture is a 60a wheel, and yes its necessary. We found it to start expanding somewhere after 5-6k rpm

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Good to know. Thats about the range we will be running them. Thanks!

Standard MF settings? Or have you made any tweaks? Was wondering if anyone had tried that before.

Is it possible to 3D print hubs with ABS instead of necessarily machining them out of solid rod?

For those with a little more machining experience than me, in the absence of a perfectly sized “press-fit” would using a nominally 1.25" OD sized tube suffice for the hub with the use of green wicking loctite?

We’ve used JB weld before and it’s worked quite well.

I believe that would fall under the 'print at 1.27 ’ part of the post

Thanks Adam, this is helpful. Are you using fibre reinforcement for the hex?