FAKE Citi Bank e-mails!! Beware

Dear Friends,

I received a e-mail that looked authentic that said “I exceeded the number of times I logged into my Citi Bank account and that my account has been suspended”. Knowing I don’t have any business with Citi bank I called Citi customer service and inquired. It appears this is a scam. Thieves are capturing passwords and usernames from people who follow the link provided and entering the information in hopes of saving there accounts form suspension.

Citi customer service is aware of the problem and Tiring to catch the criminals. The Faux Citi page is very accurate down to the mailing address and phone numbers. They are unsure if just by clicking the link if your computer will be compromised in any way.

Good Luck and watch out!

Dave Dujmic

I’ve gotten similar things purportedly from Wells Fargo and some other bank that I can’t remember. I don’t have an account at either of them.

Never give your personal information in response to any unsolicited email. If the bank really needs to get in touch with you, they will phone (already knowing your account number and PIN) or will notify you by mail. If you commonly do business with your bank or another company via website, don’t click on a link in an email that is sent to you. Instead, use the url address that you usually use to do your business.