Fake Facebook Status

Inspired by Jane Young

Fake FB statuses for CD/FIRST Notables.

Dave Lavery: Spent the evening looking at the sky. Some may call it stargazing; I call it looking for a retirement home.

John Vielkind-Neun: Just finished an Asimo robot made from VEX. Pretty cool.

Paul Copioli: I think JVN stole my VEX Asimo. Grr!

Karthik: Anybody seen my new VEX robot? I swear it was here a minute ago.

Collin Fultz: My first order of business as KoP engineer? Every crate is now blue. 234 REPRESENT!

Andy Baker: Going to get my SCUBA certification. FIRST says it’ll be necessary for some of the items they want AndyMark to stock for 2011.

Karthik: Going to Australia. I’ve been told that I’ll fit in with the wild kangaroos there.

Chris_Is_Me: It’s so strange working with materials I can see.

IKE: We would have done better at championships, but we ran out of witty sayings for our whiteboard.

Billfred: Found a funny picture. It’ll be worth points when I share it with you.

Jane Young: My boss said he wanted us to think outside the box. There is a box? Where is it? Is it glass, cardboard, or juke?

Koko Ed: I gotta stop going to the mall. Another kid asked for a Hootie autograph.

Joe Matt: Just saw The Switch at the movie theater. Didn’t really care for it, but will still give it two thumbs up.

I’m relatively certain I’ve actually posted that status.

Aren_Hill: Don’t do swerve drive everyone ps we’re doing swerve drive again this year

Akash Rastogi: Crap, I have to make all this CAD real???

JVN: Just finished modifying another NERF gun. Now to test it.

Paul Copioli: The next dart that comes through my office window from down there is getting the one who fired it fired.

JVN: I think the gun might be a little too powerful…

EricH: Decided to try for the dean’s list this semester. To make time for studying, will stay off CD until 1 week after Kickoff.

^^That one is DEFINITELY fake.

KarenH: Trying to avoid the urge to torture my son…

If it were a toy box, I would have more fun staying inside of it though. Thinking outside of a toy box would be awful.:slight_smile:

Facebook status… I’ve been wondering what a fake FB status would be like for Woodie Flowers. Maybe something like: In searching for my inner child, I found all those missing socks. They weren’t missing after all.