Fake team names

As a fun brainstorming exercise:

If you could create your own FRC team with its own name, mascot, identity, what would it be?

I’d have to do the 'Botniks - the team members would have soul patches on their chins, wear berets, green-and-white striped shirts and way-too-tight pants, talk about how “far out” and “groovy” everything is, and rhythmically snap their fingers all the time. The robot’s name would be Coltrane.

What would yours be?

My team would be The Wild Bunch, the robot would be all black and the team would dress in black with cowboy hats and dusters (long coats).
We would all have wanted posters on the team website… and we’d be the finest outlaw robot gang ever to rob, err win a regional.
Our work shop would be referred to as the Hold In The Wall.
Team motto; Better guard the gold cause the Wild Bunch is after it. :smiley:

Butch & Sundance would be so proud. :cool:

This is tougher than it appears. Our team ,1708, is currently experiencing a creative block on this issue. Can’t wait to read some entries.

A name that I came up with a long time ago was Pi-Rho. (I originally came up with this for a super hero and wish nobody to use it.) The team logo would be a Rho symbol lit on fire with Pi in the center. My team would not use a moscot to help add to our mystique and to cut down on budget. But mostly to cut down on budget.

For those of you who don’t know what Rho looks like:

Team Caturday. Nothing but lots and lots of lolcats.

I would most defiantly call the team Ghostbusters. I think that would be really cool! Then the drive team would be the ghostbusters. And in the stands people could cant, “Who you gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!”
But thats what I think!

… one day!:smiley:

I once had an idea for a ghostbusters halloween costume where the gun shot silly string and the backpack would play the theme song. That would be one cool costume. The image below is for reference to what their gun/pack looks like.

That would be SOO cool to put the drive team in those. With the gun pack and the white jumpsuits they wear! That would make me laugh really hard!

manbearpig hunters


toast busters!

I joke around about funny / ridiculous team names all the time. I want to see a team called Team Noobsauce to come about. It’d be a great rookie name, but after a while I guess the team could outgrow it and then change it to Not So Noobsauce.

I plan to start a team named Ninjaneering. The field crew would have full ninja suits, custom constructed of UnderArmor fabric so they can still breathe and not overheat. The rest of the team would have Ninja masks and tops with pocket protectors, or maybe black button down shirts with NINJANEERING across the back.

Oh, and Ninjaneering is my word, don’t steal it. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a Mel Brooks fan, and a fan of Spaceballs in particular, I’d like to see a team named “Liquid Schwartz”. You’d probably have to get Mr. Brooks’ permission, but you might also get his sponsorship.

Ok i would create a lil robot crew called Autobots and name the bots: Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Bumble Bee, Ironhide, and Cliffjumper. I know im a total geek but i love both Transformers the movie and the cartoon!! It rock!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

well then how bout desepticons! (even though i love autobots more)

i would make on called… “DANGER! nerds at work!” or “love machines”

Team 3916: Dead on Arrival, or DoA for short.

Team Meow Meows
Team Moo Moos


i’m in ur shop drivin ur robuts

Team Lolcat
The Ceiling Cats
C Squared(Caption Cats)

The possibilities are endless with lolcats.

A few other team names I’ve come up with.

The Collective
B.O.R.G- Built On Robotics Genius
Team Enterprise(Everyone would have a Star Trek uniform)
Team Team(just to confuse people)
The Roman Robots(think roman uniforms)

I would like to work with the Thunder Chickens and start the Lighting Turkeys and the Fighting Phesaent. I could imagine a dominating alliance going on there. It would be a legendary alliance.:cool:

I agree, I’ve always thought about combining team names that I absolutely love…one of my favorites is the CheezyChickens…:slight_smile:

Please nobody use this but my friend and I have actually made a pact that after he comes out from RPI and I hopefully come out of Boston University, we will start a team called the Strom Troopers. Anyone know if a team has that name already. We already have ranks and positions planned out. Again, please don’t use it, we really thought it all over while in Atlanta.:smiley: