Falafel Project 2013 - Help

my name is Amit, from Israel - I’m from team #3075 - Hadream team.

My team is participating in the “Falafel” Compatition, a pre-season compatition to warm-up the team’s engines before the FRC season.

we would like to hear if anyone have suggestions for the robot, any idea will be welcomed :slight_smile:

*P.s. - the main idea of this compatition is to build not too complicated and low cost robot

this year’s Falafel’s Compatition - “King Of The Web”!
“King of the Web” is played on a 6.5 by 10 meter (~23 feet by ~32 feet) field
Across the middle of the field a net is laid with a ramp in the middle of it.
Each side of the net has a protected zone whom belongs to the opponent team and your robot my not enter that area.
King of the web is a game whose first objective is to pass balls from your side of the field, to the opponent’s side of the field.
This year there are 2 types of balls: sponge balls that are represented by the purple balls, and volleyballs that are represented by the white balls.
Each side of the field has 12 sponge balls and 6 volleyballs, the sponge balls can be passed underneath the net and above it, although the volleyballs can be passed only above the net.
At the beginning of the game the teams can place 3 balls at their side of the field, all the rest of the balls are released to the field after the autonomous period.

The game is divided into 2 periods:
The first period is the 15 seconds autonomous period; in the autonomous period the robots can perform several tasks they will get rewarded on: Passing balls to the other side (1 pt. for sponge ball, 2 pt. for volleyball), touching the far wall of the field (2 pt.), touching the ramp after touching the far wall of the field (4 pt.).
With the begging of the 2 minutes teleported period, the rest of the game balls will be placed randomly on the field. In this period, drivers are taking control of the robot and pass the balls from their side of the field to the opponent’s side of the field. Each team can only have 2 drivers and a coach on the field.
Team may block balls thrown by the opponent while they are still in the air, and earn 2 points. In the end of the game the robot who is on the top of the ramp earns the “King of the Net” title, which reward his team with 10 points.

The final score of the game is a sum of the following scores:
The autonomous part, the score earned by blocking balls, the score for the “King of the hill” title (Being on the top of the ramp) and for the condition of the field (how many balls are in your side and how many balls in the opponent’s side). Each team gets an extra point for each sponge ball that is found on the opponent side of the field, and 2 points for each volleyball that is found on the opponent’s side of the field.


You game appears to have similar features to Vex Robotics “Clean Sweep” game a few years back. You might want to look at some of those designs for inspiration.


Hi david,

The problem is that in Clean Sweep the ratio between the size of the robot and the size of the field is a lot smaller than the ration in our game, we can collect and throw over the net balls but it will be too slow. Shooting in some way will be more efficient but we need to find such way.