Falcon 500 Acceleration Problems

Hi all,
My team recently added a second flywheel to our two-falcon shooter. This flywheel is identical to another five pound, steel flywheel on the shooter. To be perfectly clear, we now have two flywheels on our shooter.

However, when I set the velocity of these Falcons to say 4000 rpm (the gearing is 2:3, falcons to shooter wheels) , the motors spin up to between 2000-2500 rpm, and sits there for about 2 or 3 seconds before proceeding to the desired speed.

It did not do this before, which makes me wonder if this second load is too much. I have tried tuning the PIDs of the falcons, greatly increasing the P to try to get it to oscillate. Unfortunately, I got to a value of 5 or so and saw no significant acceleration changes past that.

Any ideas why the motors could be idling like this? Anyone else encounter this issue?

Are you current controlling? Sounds like you might be popping the breakers.

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That’s what we were thinking; I’ll try it later tonight and report back. Thanks!

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