Falcon 500 and Banebots BB220 Transmission

Does anyone know if there are plans to produce a sun gear for the Falcon 500 shaft to interface with the Banebot Transmissions?

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I don’t think anyone in FRC is still creating interfaces for BB gearboxes.

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Wrong term - interface is the wrong word.

Currently, as far as I know, there are no sun gears available for the Falcon500 spline shaft to engage with the BB gearbox.

Thrifty Bot 8mm keyed shaft ftw


Akash’s point was that it’s very rare for anybody to use a Banebots gearbox any more in FRC. Most teams are either in VersaPlanetary or in AM Sport gearboxes these days.

BB220s were offered in FC round 2 this year. They also double as boat anchors.


To OP’s original question, I don’t think there’s a current gear for them; the 57 Sport is derived from the smaller BB150 line. (Indeed, last year for Fight Night I needed the two-motor reduction but for a BB550 motor and the version AndyMark sells is only for 775 motors. The BB150 dual-motor input, which accepts 550s too, bolts right up to a 57 Sport.)

If you can’t adapt it around that, then I’d look at the Thrifty Bot 8mm shafts to get over the hump.


I would like to disagree with that. Our team is using 4 bane bots gearboxes and 1 Versa planetary this year. I prefer bane bots gearboxes as they are more solid than Versaplanetaries. I generally trust bane bots more than vex for gearboxes. Also they are cheaper and easier to make new output shaft for, something we do regularly.

They also are local to us, which is nice.


Thanks for the tip - just ordered five of those shafts.

We’ve found the BB transmissions indestructible, we use them for all our climbing mechanisms or anywhere high torque is needed.

They are on the heavy side, but using Falcons instead of CIMs…