Falcon 500 and KOP Chassis

My team is ordering 4 Falcon 500 to use with the chassis we received in the kit of parts. Pretty much all we were planning on doing is replacing the CIMs with the Falcons. Would there be any potential issues with this? Is this possible? Also, what wheels would be ideal to use with this setup?

You’ll need to use a Falcon bore pinion from either VEX or AM. Other than that, this should be pretty straight forward swap.

You can also purchase 8mm keyed shafts here and use your old pinions if that’s easier.

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One hiccup is that the Falcon can only accept 1/4" of thread from the mounting screws. This means you can’t use the screws that come with the KOP. That’s why we put together this “upgrade kit” with all the hardware you need.


We installed Falcons on the KOP Chassis yesterday using the ThriftyBot replacement shafts and shorter 10-32 socket head cap screws. So far, so good!


Word of warning - if you mean you plan to order them in the future, you will be waiting a while until they can ship and be installed on your robot.


What type of grease did you use with the Falcons and your KOP Toughbox Mini?

I reason I ask is that I know the KOP comes with Red Tacky Grease but i saw online that VEX recommends using White Lithium Grease for their gear attachments (we ordered our Falcon 14 tooth gear for VEX).

The White Lithium Grease generally perform better than the Red Tacky Grease. Whether you’ll notice the difference is a different question

One of our mentors is a supplier of Royal Purple lubricants, so we use that.

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