Falcon 500 Assembly to Falcon Sport?

Hi All,

Trying to assemble a Falcon 500 to a Falcon Sport gear box. I have the stub spline output and the spline ID sun pinion. There is a 0.25" gap between the motor face and the gear drive and the stub spline is bottomed out. Do I need to cut the spline down to make this fit? I’d rather not. Or is there an adapter plate?

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So, I don’t know what you bought, but you probably got the long falcon shafts as they come default on the falcons by what the product description said. There are short falcon shafts, just they don’t sell them on the falcons. Other than that, you probably need to cut them/ 3d print spacing thingy. @msrado

HI Robin,

The parts you should have gotten when you order a Falcon Sport (am-4183_###) are:
Generic Blue Sport Gearbox of the ratio you selected
Falcon Spacer Plate
Falcon Bore Pinion Gear

You also need to swap the stock long shaft for the Short Shaft in the motor.
It sounds like you have the short shaft installed with the correct pinion on it, but might be missing the spacer plate as it is almost 1/4 in. thick. Take a look around to see if it was misplaced, but if you can’t find it PM me your order number and we will get a replacement shipped out ASAP.

Thanks for the help, all. I have the pinion gear and the short shaft. I don’t have the spacer plate - but will soon. Appreciate the assistance!