Falcon 500 Availability

Does anyone have a good, reliable source for Falcon 500’s that isn’t out of stock indefinitely?

Any help is appreciated :grin:



Unless you find a team willing to sell you their used Falcons, or someone from VEX stumbles onto this thread with more info, you’re probably out of luck until at least mid fall (complete wild guess on my part, based slightly on when availability was in prior years).

You’d likely be further ahead to reach out to VEX customer service and see what their response is.

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to add on to this it would probably be a good idea to set aside some money for when falcons become available again as they will likely sell out quite quickly

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Depends on if a Falcon 500 without a shell is still a Falcon 500


I believe they said November for this year

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WCP’s stock status page says they expect them between November and December of this year.

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We’ve found the most reliable source to be yanking from our old robots


Potential solution - NEO motors.


NEOs are indistinguishable in terms of mechanical performance given the limitations of the electrical system, are way cheaper, and are in stock.

The integrated sensors on the NEOs are not great for velocity control, but this is a pretty small technical cost all-told (you can get some AMT encoders for free from FIRST Choice, or cheaply from digi-key, and they’ll work just fine!).


Thanks for all the help, looks like we’ll be using neos for our first attempt at swerve drive :confused:


We used Neos on our first swerve and they worked great. Many teams do!

In any case, here is our plan-ahead motor drawer for this coming year.


Just sent this pic to our head coach to try and order some extra neos this year. I had to come out of pocket for 4 of them to assemble our summer attempt at swerve

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Triple Helix agrees that this cost is pretty low! Especially if, in future, there can be some changes to wpimath responsive to this open issue:


I really hope we can get that change merged by next year.


That is what CTRE told our build captain last month when he called them.

NEOs are great motor for swerve and a great motor choice for almost any mechanism.

In ragards to the latency on the SparkMax. It did make tuning for our shooter a bit more of a challenge than it couldve been, but with voltage compensation, the Ks and Kv dialed in and a small integral gain capped at 1.5% we were able to reduce our P so that there was no oscillation and RPM within +/-5RPMs of setpoint from 1000-4000rpms on batteries 12.2-12.9v all on the internal NEO encoder.

For our all NEO swerve drivetrain we weren’t able to get as precise control but we have not noticed much issue with it, we are using pretty conservative SlewRateLimiters so YMMV (This is a result of our robots relatively high CG, a design oversight in wanting a taller robot). Once Autos were dialed in the paths stayed pretty consistent even with velocity based odometry and i expect traction with our 1" wide tread is more of a limiting factor than the motors on the consistency/speed tradeoff.

At this point for us specifically we have not acquired any Falcon’s yet due to multiple reasons (availability, cost/funds, sheer number of sparkmaxes and NEOs we already own/use - to name a few) and I expect its very possible we will be using all NEOs next year.

Overall on “Blue Widow” (our 2022 robot) we had zero issues with NEO/NEO 550s during all of our competitions and had a total of 18 SparkMax motor controllers on the robot. As with any brushless motor, current limits are your friend.

@IthcyPrince, please feel free to reach out to me or my team if you have any questions or challenges that come up. Good luck and welcome to Swerve!


Thanks for all the help!!!

Yes. There is. Falcon 500 is in stock in Vex Pro China. However, you need someone in china to do some shipping work for you. The price is about the same as here in the US.

We heard that they were not in production until November and they will be available then.