Falcon 500 Availability

Does anyone have any information on what the availability of the Falcon 500 is going to look like for this season?

The last update on the CTRE website is dated 9/1 which doesn’t bode very well at all.

I am hoping that since the chip shortage and supply chain issues seem to have eased globally - that we won’t have the issues we had last year.



I got this from vex yesterday.

"Hello Brad,

We currently do not have an ETA, however we hope to have more information torwards the end of the year. We will post all updates as we receive them.

Please let us know if you need anything else. "

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ah, just,

, you know?

falcons probably aren’t coming back


We thought about that - but the lack of the connecting hardware is a bit of a concern. And the rest of motors are existing falcons. To my mind - thats a solution for next year. We would prefer to let the more - resourced teams - handle the debugging.

If they were going to discontinue the Falcon then we should have been notified a long long time ago.


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I would forget the Falcon and go to Kraken, NEO, or Vortex, at least for new motors.

If they aren’t saying anything other than “updates around end of year” then it’s going to be 500 units available in mid-January. Again.


Right - but the Kraken doesnt attach to anything just yet because the spline changed. (As far as I know)

Neo’s - we started to buy some of those last year - those are at least in stock now. We might run the drive train on falcons and the systems on neos.

This poor mech hasnt looked in detail at Vortex - what’s the story on those?

Krakens have an assortment of pinion hardware that are being sold alongside the motor by WCP.

the Neo Vortex drives via a through bore hex shaft and an assortment of “pinion” shafts that will be sold alongside the motor by Rev.

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Hmm - I just had a look - a lot of the hardware is still backordered on WCP. I know they said December availability.

You know what would be super useful to me - and likely others that have very limited First experience - a sample list of what you need to order to connect Krakens to the WCP SS Flipped Gearbox (SingleSpeed, 2 Stages).


Not trying to be smart or sarcastic here, but wouldn’t that just be whatever size pinion, with a SplineXS bore, that fits the gearing you’re purchasing (or your already existing gearing)?

From what I’ve been seeing, Krakens are supposed to be as close to a drop-in Falcon replacement as you can get.


It is new product season, and as such all the venders are preparing their announcements of new products and website overhauls to include major updates. Currently, when you go to the WCP website and try and order a WCP SS Flipped gearbox, you get a series of drop down options that tell you which products you need in the kit (this is actually updated since I’ve last seen it, it’s really nice now). Presently it shows options for Falcon 500 motors and associated accessories, but I wouldn’t be surprised if changing that to Kraken X60 and adding those accessories in became a default option once WCP has the time to update the site with all the new products.

Give them time, this is the season where everyone is preparing for updates, announcements, and big changes ahead of season. This is normal to expect.


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Also Vortex will be available with the same spline shaft as Falcons had. Even if you don’t go with a Kraken, there’s going to be plenty of solutions available for you.


If compatibility with the Falcon shaft is your top priority, the NEO Vortex has a Falcon-compatible shaft option. Otherwise, I think continuing to invest in that ecosystem is a bad idea in the long term as I assume the Kraken spline will become the new standard, and Falcon spline parts will become less common as time goes on.

Thanks for the info… Very much appreciated. The amount of choice right now is a bit overwhelming. And a bit risky for us. I will keep an eye on things.

Appreciate your time.


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I’m assuming you already have some falcons.

You can use falcons anywhere because you can get 8mm keyed shafts from thrifty bot, or use a spline to hex adapter. This will allow you to mate your falcons with planetaries.

Right now there are no “good” options to go from kraken spline to planetaries. So if you are using a kraken you’ve only got whatever adapters/pulleys/gears WCP has, which will likely get the kraken into a spur gear gearbox.

So, use the Kraken in gearboxes, save your falcons for planetaries.


Not trying to be smart or sarcastic here, but wouldn’t that just be whatever size pinion, with a SplineXS bore, that fits the gearing you’re purchasing (or your already existing gearing)?

You are correct - I over think things sometimes and get a little panicky.

Missing something on a BOM or ordering the wrong part in such a limited timespan drives me crazy.


That’s good advice.

If we go with Krakens I need to buy a few extra for spares too. We can’t run a drive with no spares.

So it’s extra $$ which is another consideration for us.


Someone pointed out that they did update the branding for the Falcon, and it would be a little odd to put in that much work and then discontinue it.


Can’t believe we are still having supply issues with motors. We were just talking the other day about which motors we want to buy and basically all of them are out of stock with the exception of the NEO.

Good on you, REV!

Everyone else: please let me give you money


the all black design is to signify that we have yet to unlock it