Falcon 500 - Clicking Issue

Already reached out to Vex on the topic and waiting a response in the future. Curious if any other FRC teams are seeing clicking issues in their Falcon 500s? You can hear it and feel it when you spin the output shaft by hand.

Found one of our new ones with this issue. Haven’t opened it up yet to see if it’s similar to the 2020 requiring an opening up of the motor and adding Loctite.


I just ordered 20 this build season. We better check ours also.
Checking a few that we are using, we did notice though that you have to open it up and add Loctite again. >.<

Add loctite where? Motor shaft screws?

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Only one of our 3 long screws had loctite. All 5 of our shaft screws had no loctite.

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Funny you should mention this. We ordered 8 this year, and yesterday cracked 4 boxes open and assembled the drivetrain. One of the Falcons ended up clicking and occasionally locking up solid when spun a specific direction. That was last night so I didn’t get a chance to open it up to inspect. The team just grabbed a new one.

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