Falcon-500 Encoder

Our team is gonna use swerve drive next year and which absolute encoder should we use?
And will it make any changes on our code?

CANcoder is easy ish and works.


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What about srx mag encoder

Much harder with falcons. Falcons don’t have a data port like the Talon SRX controllers. Without the Talon SRX controller you have to find a way to power and communicate with the mag encoder (breakout board? Idk). The cancoder has built in power and CAN ports that makes it just work.

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It works, but you have to break out the pins and wire it to the roborio. Not terrible but if you haven’t done it before it can be confusing. The CANcoder costs $10 more but it’ll be easier to interface with, and the Falcon can use it as a remote sensor internally. That may not matter much (see below).

Some people use MA3 encoders for their swerve but I’m not a fan due to their fragility. TT6127 is decent. Both will need to be wired to the Roborio.

The strategy is usually to just read the encoder once at the start of the match to set the initial positions of the modules, then use the Falcon internal encoder after that, so any absolute encoder can work fine.

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