Falcon 500 Failure Mode Completely Sheared Shaft Screws

A slight upmark? Even if you get the time it takes down to 20 minutes per motor, you’re talking about a pretty big labor cost per motor.


My time whilst watching Battlebots on the workbench computer is basically free, I’ll add.
I think a $10-15/motor uptick is reasonable to stomach, which would still be tricky to hit after factoring in doubled shipping costs.

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If this ends up being a thing you could bulk order on mondays for free shipping

Genuinely I think the solution to this is a design with fewer moving parts. Attempting to QC the problems away seems to be a swamp.


Jumping in on this thread. We didn’t have sheared screws but had this. @PatrickW is this what you are talking about in your post above?

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We had that one too earlier this season, glad to see we’re not the only ones with that specific issue.