Falcon 500 - flywheel motor and a odd squealing sound

Good afternoon CD,

I’m wondering has any other team come across a similar oddity when running their falcons.

We run a single falcon 500 on our shooter and recently swapped the motor out prior to our first event. We tested the motor under no load and it ran fine with no strange sounds. However now, when it is installed in our shooter as it spins up in velocity control mode it makes a curious squealing sound for a second or two and then the sound goes away once the wheel is up to speed. The sound is really the only thing we can’t make sense of. The motor appears to function as it should and gets up to the proper speed. We are using our motor inline with our shooter drive shaft with the shaft supported by a bearing on the other side of the flywheel. We don’t think we are doing anything to damage the motor, there are a lot of possibilities there, but I wanted to ask here anyway.

Did you loctite the shaft screws? Are the set screws in the unused ports too far in? (including the cooling port)

We had a problem where our shaft of our shooter was rubbing against the housing of the motor and was scraping it. I can’t tell by how you explained if you are direct driving your wheel or not but if so I would check this. But ours made the exact sound you are explaining but once it was up to speed it dissipated. Check for scraping in this area.

You may be temporarily stalling the motors as they spin up. If so, the motors will squeal.

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I think I know what you’re talking about. We experience a squealing sound in our drive base when we quickly slam from forward to back. Since your sound happens when you’re winding up your flywheel I would guess it’s a similar situation (drawing a lot of current). I have no clue what causes it (we checked that our set screws are not over tightened and that the shaft screws have Loctite and tightened properly).

Edit: @Tom_Line’s explanation lines up with what I was guessing, so I would assume that’s what’s happening.

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I’ll post some sound clips, photos, and data logs later tonight or tomorrow if I can.

Our shooter is direct driven by the falcon with the shaft of the falcon inserted into the shaft of our shooter. I’m pretty sure there is a visible gap between the shafts and the motor face so I’m not sure that’s the sound’s source. Another mentor here thought we might be spinning the motor up too fast under the load and it was a stator magnetic “skipping” sound, but the data we read and log from the motor doesn’t look very abnormal.

Do you have room to run two if it is in fact the load?

Hope you find it!! Good luck!

Here is a Falcon under load stalling.

We did make sure we could add a second later if needed, but thing is that it seems to perform fine… it’s just this sound that irks me that something must be wrong.

@Tom_Line it’s definitely not that sound. I’ve heard that one before when working with our sister rookie team when they used mounting bolts that were too long. This sound is distinctly different.

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