Falcon 500 from can to pwm mode

We have been trying to get our falcon 500 motors from can to pwm as when switching back to pwm they would flash red and we have tried to reset them but they went back to flashing red instantly any ideas?

Please share your code. Ideally as a github(or similar) link

I do not believe code matters in what i need some advice on since its a falcon not reconfiguring issue

You posted in the programming forum, so code would matter if your code isnt working.

Lets take a step back then. What exactly isn’t working for you?

I do apologize the falcon 500 motors we are using were set to can mode by a previous member problem is we have been having issues with can and have decided to go back to pwm but the motors will not reset to default

We occasionally test our Falcons with a PWM tester. It just works. Even with the Falcon set up as CAN. My understanding it defaults to PMW when it gets a PWM signal. The falcons will blink slow red if they do not see a can or pwm signal. The rio will not send out a PWM signal when disabled. So Falcons should blink slow red when on PWM and the RIO is disabled.

When on CAN the Falcon continue to see the canbus even when disabled.

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