Falcon 500 Hardware Upgrade Kits - Instructions available?

I have kits to upgrade our six Falcon motors. These are tiny packages with a few parts - and I did see some online instructions on how to do the upgrades. That was “pre-covid” - now that we are reopening, we want to upgrade the hardware and the firmware both for the Falcons.

Any suggestions on where I can find the hardware upgrade instructions? I see in separate posts that Loctite is recommended too. Thanks folks.

It is my intention to have students do the work and in the process to learn to follow instructions.

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We will get something out next week.


From experience - even with great instructions, you still need a person to supervise and do a final check on each and every bolt when it comes to these motors. We did this song and dance with ours some time ago and after each one we completed, we checked them again, and then initialed the housing.


Thank you - watching this space… :wink:

As Pres. Reagan once said: “trust but verify”… I agree with you… :wink:

Instructions can be found here. This document has also been posted to any applicable pages.


Thank you - just what we need! :grinning: I’ll check ahead of time to make sure we have the right torx drivers - hex we have.

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