Falcon 500 Hardware Upgrade Kits - Pinion Removal

The pinions are rather a snug fit - any recommendation on a pinion puller for Falcon motors in particular?

I don’t have a recommendation for how to pull the pinion off. But this post might be relevant to getting the pinions to fit better.

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I would make a custom puller for this job! Machine a T slot in a block of steel that just clears the motor shaft and the largest pinion. Drill and tap for a pusher screw on-center. Put a sacrificial socket head capscrew in the motor shaft threaded hole (making sure that it goes through the pinion hole!). Cut a point on the pusher screw end to fit into the SHCS. Lube your pushing screw, and pull it off! Label the tool so it doesn’t get lost…
Or see if there is a standard ball joint press that fits close enough:

This isn’t dimensioned, but it looks to be about the right size.


What is going on in the background of that image? Did someone take an exploded view too literally?


most of ours were pressed so far on we couldn’t get a puller under it. Clampdown on the pinion with one of these (can probably use any kind of clamp, but vice grips did not seem to cut it) and tap the shaft with a screwdriver + hammer.

Was able to change out all of our shafts without unwiring the motors from the robot.

I’ve actually had fantastic luck with just torching anything aluminum. Pressed pinions and pullies on 775s, NEOs and a Falcon, they just slide right off. For some reason, Vex’s black anodize likes to turn gold when you do this @118

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Much simple to salvage a pinion if the motor is already trash. Either whack the bearings or fire the insulation — looks they’re doing the latter.

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I thought I would share our recent success with removing tight-fit pinions from Falcon 500 motor shafts. Given the cost of replacing a Falcon, we thought it best to be less brutal than using a mallet lest we damage the motor or the onboard controller. Fortunately, we did install a 1/16" spacer before mounting the pinion (thought that was wise…) so grasping the pinion was not so problematic. See the image for details. Hope this helps other teams!

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I’ve never worked with the F500 specifically, but I have pulled several pinions off of motors using a faucet handle puller from the local hardware store. When this doesn’t work directly, I’ve added a piece of steel bar or mending plate with a slot cut in it to engage the pinion near the slot and the jaws of the puller at the ends.

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