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Hey there, I am trying to develop a autonomous mobile robot for which i require the front be the driving motor as well as act as the steering system with two supporting wheel in the back. My choice was to use the Falcon 500 paired with Mk4 Swerve module. My doubt is how to calculate the overall payload that the robot will be able to displace or calculate the torque of the motor. The Mk4 serve module comes with a 100mm Diameter wheel. The robot’s dimension is 800mm x 400mm.

You need to remember that the torque of a motor decreases linearly with speed. So you would need to 12/the voltage of the maximum speed you are running your auton at multiplied by your supply current limit. Then you can go to recalc and put that number in the current limit for the falcon and get the torque. The you can scale that by your gear ratio and then the number of modules. However it may be good to undershoot this so you can still rotate adequately because a lot of auton creation programs don’t account for rotation in the generation.

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Depends a lot on weight distribution. 200 lbs over a swerve module is a lot different than 200 over a traditional rear axle. This will also have knock on effects with torque transfer.

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There are a lot of factors which can limit max payload. Some are related to the motor’s torque, your gear ratio, the terrain you are navigating, and the electrical system supplying power.

I suspect the weakest mechanical link will be the main large bearing that supports the full weight.

Supporting 150 lbs evenly distributed over four models is a well-tested combination with minimal wear and tear. However, I suspect the amount of data available for loads more than this is fairly limited.

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