Falcon 500 Motor(s) Needed!


We are hoping to borrow or buy (for a fair price) at least one Falcon 500 brushless motor from a team with some extras or sources yet to be found (the more the merrier).

They are on backorder everywhere we can find still because of the Corona Virus and our student leaders are really wanting them. Any leads on these motors would be graciously appreciated!!!

(We play again in Pitt March 18-21 - so having them well beforehand would be amazing - we have the means to pick them up too if need be).

Please text me at 614-260-2427 and/or shoot the team an email at technicaldifficulties4085@gmail.com with any info.
Thank you!

Brad Presler

Fab Lab Manager/Visual Arts/FIRST Robotics Team 4085 Head Coach

Reynoldsburg eSTEM Academy


+1 (614) 501-2331 (work)

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