Falcon 500 noise

We have been testing our power cell shooter today and throughout the testing, our two falcon 500s started making increasingly loud noises. By the end we could easily hear some sort of noise as the shooter spun up and down. The noise was periodic, not constant.

We disassembled the shooter and drove a used motor and a new, unused motor, comparing the sounds and other stats:

New motor
~1400 hz with background noise
76 decibels with background noise
5900 rpm

Old motor
~1100 hz with equivalent background noise
84-86 decibels with equivalent background noise
5900 rpm

Both motors draw the same amount of current.

We took the housing off of the the old falcon, messed with the outer bearing (the one on the mounting face) and the noise lessened, but did not fully go away.

Anyone have any thoughts? Should we be fine using these motors?

When we were testing our falcons we found that they also made different noises. We just let them be and decided not to mess with them

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